Welcome to MotherSphere Birth Services!

My name is Rose Schlappi, and I am a childbirth educator and birth doula serving the Grand Rapids, MI area. I am the mother of five children, and have personally given birth in two hospitals and at home. I have experience with medicated and non-medicated births, spontaneous and induced labors, and both home and hospital births.

You can be assured that when you hire me, I will always keep your best interest in mind. I will never pressure you into doing something you don't want (such as refusing or receiving pain medication, etc.) I am not a doctor and cannot provide you with medical advice, but I can refer to you to excellent resources in the community.

Before you hire me to be your doula, it is important for you to know that I am mother to five busy children, including a nursing toddler. When I attend your birth, please be prepared for me to take a nursing break for approximately 20 minutes every 5-7 hours. If birth is imminent, other arrangements will be made.